Ata Gowani

design. code. innovate.

Stuff About Me

I am a software engineering student with a creative interest in visual storytelling and user experience. I am interested in creating user-focused solutions to modern problems through software engineering. I am also an experienced web developer and started my journey into programming through web development ago. Download my resume here.

Stuff I've Coded

Final project for software testing. Uses ASM bytecode manipulation to run tests.
Java 0 0
Phase I of software testing project. Use ASM bytecode manipulation to get the statement coverage of test cases.
Java 0 0
A repository for me to practice common CS principles in Java.
Java 0 0
A QR code reader implemented in Swift.
Swift 0 0
An iOS app that lists and shows most of the different types of Micheal Scott as seen in The Office.
Swift 0 0
These are my dotfiles. Put up here for me to have a unified experience on my different devices and for anyone who is looking for neat customization options to improve their terminal experience.
Shell 0 0
sometimes i'll just start a sentence and i don't even know where it's going. i just hope i find it along the way.
Concentration game made for iOS using Swift.
Swift 0 0
A simple implementation of a stopwatch in iOS using Swift.
Swift 0 0
An ML rock, paper, scissors game that uses conditional probability to predict your next move.
JavaScript 1 0
Chrome extension that displays a new motivational quote every time a new tab is opened.
JavaScript 8 3
CS 4348 | Experimenting with xv6 OS
My old personal website.
HTML 0 0
A web application that monitors your facial expression to provide you with feedback on your study sessions | Hack the North 2018 Project
A simple and creative design for an under construction page.
HTML 0 0
An Android/iOS app to help you find comet cabs around UTD campus.
Objective-C 0 0
Making your gas station experience easier. A HackTX 2017 project.
JavaScript 0 1
John Conway's Game of Life.
Java 0 0
A game based on the classic Hangman game.
JavaScript 1 0
A program to remove extra spaces from a .txt file.

Stuff I've Written