Ata Gowani

design. code. innovate.

Stuff About Me

A software engineering student with a creative interest in visual storytelling and user experience. I am interested in creating user-focused solutions to modern problems through software engineering. I am also an experienced web developer and started my journey into programming through web development ago. Download my resume here.

Stuff I've Coded

A project in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.
HTML 0 0
A prank to automate iMessage to send the whole script/subtitles of a movie line-by-line 😬
AppleScript 0 0
sometimes i'll just start a sentence and i don't even know where it's going. i just hope i find it along the way.
A keyboard listener program that provides you with interesting analytics about your keyboard activity.
Python 0 0
These are my dotfiles. Put up here for me to have a unified experience on my different devices and for anyone who is looking for neat customization options to improve their terminal experience.
Shell 0 0
An ML rock, paper, scissors game that uses conditional probability to predict your next move.
JavaScript 1 0
Chrome extension that displays a new motivational quote every time a new tab is opened.
JavaScript 11 3
My old personal website.
HTML 0 0
A web application that monitors your facial expression to provide you with feedback on your study sessions | Hack the North 2018 Project
A simple and creative design for an under construction page.
HTML 0 0
An Android/iOS app to help you find comet cabs around UTD campus.
Objective-C 0 0
Making your gas station experience easier. A HackTX 2017 project.
JavaScript 0 1
John Conway's Game of Life.
Java 0 0
A game based on the classic Hangman game.
JavaScript 1 0
A program to remove extra spaces from a .txt file.

Stuff I've Written

Books I've Enjoyed