Ata Gowani

Software Engineer @HubSpot

About Me

Hey there! 👋🏽 I am a software engineer working in the product security domain. I am interested in everything security related ranging from cryptology to network security.

Outside of technology, I spend my time pondering on what makes for a more meaningful life by educating myself on the topics of philosophy and religion.

Want to collab on a project? Reach out! 😃

Stuff I've Coded

Chrome extension that displays a new motivational quote every time a new tab is opened.
A project made for MIT Hacking Medicine 2021.
An ML rock, paper, scissors game that uses conditional probability to predict your next move.
A game based on the classic Hangman game.
A program to remove extra spaces from a .txt file.
Wind turbine simulation using Three.js

My Thoughts

My Bookshelf