Ata Gowani

Software Engineer @HubSpot



Published Feb 02, 2017

What is EPICS?

Engineering Projects In Community Service.

This semester I have decided to take part in EPICS and work towards solving a real-life engineering problem using THE Design Process.

But what EXACTLY is EPICS?

Well EPICS is basically set up like a class but the learning does not take place in the classical way where you sit for about 1 hour and half and take notes. Instead the students are presented with different non-profit organizations that are dealing with an engineering problem and asked to solve these problems by taking on that project. The engineering projects are interdisciplinary and range from mechanical to electrical to software.

Once the students have been provided with the organizations and their respective engineering problems the students get a chance to pick the organization they want to partner up with and are put into teams of 4 to 5.

My project

The voting process described above took place last week and I was assigned to my first choice organization, IntelliChoice, Inc.


IntelliChoice, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is based in Dallas, Texas. IntelliChoice “…seeks to develop an interest in mathematics, increase college readiness, and promote a successful future career for kindergarten to 12th grade children who lack the educational opportunities and resources.”

The engineering problem? Well…

IntelliChoice, Inc. has limited web support and needs the development of a database for efficient management. Additionally, they want to develop an on-line class to provide free math tutoring to students in remote areas where educational resources are very limited.

And now it’s up to our team to solve this specific engineering problem over the duration of this semester.